Xtra Math

Friends, this is another tool we’ve been using for school that I LOVE that I would totally have been using all this year for Jacob, if I knew about it sooner.

It’s called XtraMath and it’s FREE.

You sign up with a parent account, and then add your kids. It takes about 5 minutes a day and works with them on math facts. Addition, subtraction, and then multiplication and so on.  It is fabulous. Jacob was getting frustrated with it this week, so I’ve been sitting next to him and type the answers in – he’s still learning a keyboard and sometimes gets the answers wrong or they show up as him getting them correct, but too slowly – and it’s all because he just can’t find the numbers quick and gets flustered.  He’s doing better with his confidence again and will probably be able to do it alone again next week.

From the parent screen you get a detailed report of how your child did each day.

Like I said, it’s wonderful. And maybe one of you will like it, too.

2 thoughts on “Xtra Math

  1. Amanda D

    So, you think this would be a good program in addition to what is being done in school? I will have to look into it more. My kids need practice at the facts that they should know with out really having to think about it.


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