Pizza Bianca

Start with this dough recipe:
3 – 3 1/2 cups of flour
1/4 cup olive oil
1 tsp. salt
1 T. sugar
1 cup of cold water
1 T of yeast

Let rise until double, or all day long. Separate into two balls.
GENEROUSLY cornmeal the surface of a pizza peel (if you’re using a pizza stone, or spray a pan if you’re not) and pull out the dough to a circle, leaving good side crusts. You’ll drizzle on more olive oil, sprinkle kosher salt and fresh or dried rosemary. Bake for 14-16 minutes at 475-500. If you like visuals like me (these are not my pretty pics, but honestly, it comes out just this pretty!) …

pizzabianca before

and AFTER…


We like to sprinkle the top with fresh grated parm and asiago cheeses, too. SO SO GOOD.

from Life in Grace Blog

First Day of School!

Ainsley, Jacob and Joshua started school today…

First Grade
(If they still call it a “packpack” and don’t need mom and dad to walk them into school on the first day, are they really ready to be gone all day? I vote no.)

Third Grade

Fifth Grade

A bad picture of the traditional first-day pancakes; not pictured is the rest of Nathan’s “all out” breakfast – hash browns, sausage, danishes and juice.

I already miss us all being together.


We got home last night after a great week away. I could be putting laundry away right now and trying to get ready for a new week, but it’s more fun to look through the hundreds of photos we all took and try to wish myself back for another week away.

The hours I wanted to relive most right this minute was our little Pacifica surprise. We pulled off Highway 1 for a minute to look for some store, and caught a peek of the ocean FILLED with surfers. More than I’ve ever seen in one place in Northern CA, and maybe even southern CA. It was amazing. There was a 10 minute parking spot right on the front row, and we pulled in and just watched. So relaxing and beautiful.


We had meant to be right on our way but decided “WHAT THE RUSH”, and found a parking spot to go sit on the sand longer.


It really was a perfect day. Warm, not breezy, clear.


Nathan kept asking me if we should leave.
Not yet, not yet.

Lots of surfers left. Lots more came. The sandy part of the beach started to get less crowded.


Sun started to set.


We waited for it to fall below the horizon, then gathered up the kids and went to find dinner.

I want to be back on that almost black-sand beach in Pacifica tonight.

hair and nail magic

A few months ago my hair started falling out big time. Like I’d just had a baby kind of hair loss. It was crazy and I couldn’t figure out what was going on or how to make it stop. I couldn’t tell by looking at my head/hair that so much was falling out, but I was worried it would come to that.

Searching the internet for solutions I found this stuff:

and then somehow I got brave enough to try it. I mean…I could be eating beaver butt, but I was getting worried!!

Happy to report that, beaver butt or not, (really watch that and then tell me if you’ll ever trust “natural flavoring” as an ingredient ever ever again), the hair loss slowed to normal and my nails – my nails! They are strong and longer than I usually like them. It’s awesome.

So…hair falling out? Really want stronger nails? That biosil might totally do the trick for you.

face zoning for acne

I know that sounds weird. Hang with me for a sec. During the beginning months of my second pregnancy I had the worst acne…and it was in a certain location – the left side of my face just to the side of my mouth, but down a bit. I talked to my doctor because it was there for months and hated it, and she said it was classic hormonal acne. That was the first I’d heard about acne in a certain spot meaning something.

Fast forward to a year or two ago. It came back in the SAME spot, EVERY week before my period. PMS acne. Salt in the wound! So we got that cleared up using energy work and targeting the hormones.

WELL. a few weeks ago I got a spot on my upper check and another on the side of my neck. WHAT THE HECK. Out of curiosity I googled “face zoning acne” because by now I know that when something is wrong with a specific part of your body, it means something. Nothing is random. This is the graphic I found that I like the best:

My spots a few weeks ago were at 10 and 14ish. What do they mean? Spot 10 correlates to the respiratory system and acne on your neck means you’re fighting an infection. I just had to laugh because it was right on. I had a bad cold for 3 days…exactly when these fun little spots showed up.

So today I woke up getting a new spot on the middle of my chin. You know those awful ones you can’t see at all but they feel like giant mountains on your chin and HURT? THAT.

Realizing I sound like a teenager with awful acne. Which is funny because 1) I didn’t have it at all as a teenager, my acne waited until I graduated from college, and 2) I don’t have it often now, but with the stress of January my immune system has been off…anyway.

Middle of the chin: stomach. I’ve had gut problems for a few days now. I’m great if I don’t eat anything. Ha. Yesterday I was trying mind over matter it and did ok, before I remembered in the evening “I have a tincture for that!” Duh.

ANYWAY. Thought some of you would be interested in this whole thing. It’s just so cool. The link to the website that tells you what each number means is here. NOTE: I haven’t/wouldn’t do what the writer suggests to get back on track, but it was fun/interesting information to match my acne with what parts of my body were freaking out and find out that chart was right on 4/4 times.

I’m cooking again!

I used to love to cook meals for my family. LOVE. I enjoyed menu planning, collecting recipes, even grocery shopping. Once I wondered if too many kids whining upon being presented their plate of dinner just wore me right out. Then last years crazy spring, crazier summer…we ate quick and easy and depended a lot on what Costco could make for us…if it was heat up-able or already half made, even better. WELL. That’s not really healthy, it’s more expensive, and kind of totally lazy.

Problem: DESIRE. I thought I wanted to change. But really: I cared less about being a good cook again than anything else. The desire was gone. I’d sit down to plan menus and grocery shop and literally couldn’t even remember what my old routine and standby recipes were. It was crazy. I even thought “I should pray to get that desire back” but I never did because…I could have cared less. It wasn’t like my kids were starving.

Two weeks ago I sat down to plan out a weeks worth of menus and it felt like I was walking to the guillotine. UGH. I HATE THIS JOB. EVERYONE WILL COMPLAIN ABOUT DINNER ANYWAY. AND NOW I’LL HAVE TO GROCERY SHOP FOR REAL. UGH.

Somehow, in 20 minutes, I had 7 dinners planned out. AND SIDE DISHES, TOO! I wrote out a grocery list right away and then got up and went to the store…RIGHT THEN.

Like a woman possessed (but obviously, a good kind of possessed…(???)).

Then, that whole week and a half (because: LEFTOVERS), I STUCK TO THE PLAN.

This was NOT a small miracle, friends. Even crazier, I DID IT AGAIN THE NEXT WEEK.


I’ve been using evernote the past half year for, well, ever’thing. If you haven’t checked it out, you should. The first time I tried it I thought it was so lame, but it’s NOT. Promise. Life changing and FREE.

I have a page for January meals that includes what we’re eating each day, plus the recipes at the bottom of the page so I don’t have to worry about printing things out or looking up links. This week we’ve had things change at the last minute a couple times. Like, tonight. I went to roast cauliflower for soup and the heating element in the oven broke in two places while it was preheating. Niiiiice…But I’ve updated the menu calendar each night as we’ve gone on so that’s also nice (and amazing).

I know 2 weeks isn’t some kind of sticking-to-a-menu-plan world record, but for someone who has been off that train for some time, it’s DARN good start.

Well, hi, how are you? Goooooood.
I won’t lie, it’s been rough here. R-O-U-G-H. I just was in the blog dashboard and saw I didn’t post at all from August through December. It’s not like people stop blogging when life is glorious with rainbows and sunshine popping out of every crevice. Looking back, those months were some hard, but some just…different. Growing, learning…and how much do y’all really want to learn about how I’ve been learning a ton about energy work, aura personalities (did she say AURAS? YEP SHE DID), meditating, making our own tinctures and other medicine. I, of course, have been loving all that stuff, but you guys? Yeah…not so sure. I mean, most of my family is pretty turned off by it, so my friends? Unsure. So I just didn’t talk a lot about it to avoid scaring people off (even more than usual) but I’m pretty over that now.

I know Arisa said she was interested in the tinctures so maybe if I post before Thanksgiving I’ll write up a post about why I think they’re so cool.


Make any new years resolutions? Me neither. Not a fan. This whole “one little word” fad that took over the interwebs starting 6 or 7 years ago has been intriguing to me and in December I just kept seeing the word JOY and thinking “Yep, I could use a healthy dose of that.” So maybe that’s a word/focus? Maybe.

If I made a belated resolution it should probably be to stop swearing. My sister/some friends think my vocabulary is too colorful already. Those people who think crap, hell and an occasional dammit are swear words would agree. And it’s not like I say them TOO MUCH or TOO OFTEN or whatever but I don’t really feel badly about those words (generally). Stacy’s favorite story to tell about how my “swearing” carries over to my kids is when she was at my house a couple years ago and Joshua was standing on the kitchen table (or some other place inappropriate for standing) and she said “JOSHUA. What would your mom say if she saw you right now?” His quick reply? “HOLY CRAP.” And he was 100% right. But with the stress of this new year has come some ACTUAL 4 letter words and, well…I know Nathan’s not a fan. Sometimes, once in a little while…there’s just no other word that really gets a point across like a good swear word. But anyway.

Here’s to 2014!